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Our Story

Nestled in the heart of Convoy Street, Steamy Piggy first opened its doors for a soft opening on July 21, 2017. With the mission of offering a fresh take on authentic Chinese cuisine, Steamy Piggy is a contemporary, relaxing atmosphere with a diversity of menu selections, including made-from-scratch dumplings.


Our exceptional dumpling recipe is a product of a rich family tradition combined with a worldly culinary palette. Inspiration from our chefs, kitchen staff, and our front-of-house staff have helped to create our menu. Our brilliant culinary team ensures that there’s always a fresh batch of dumplings ready, made in-house from start to finish. We think it’s important that food is best enjoyed fresh, which is why we only serve dumplings made on the same day. Cooked with no added MSG and colored with all-natural ingredients (for our fun rainbow-colored versions), we start with premium whole-wheat flour so they’re softer, fresher, and tastier than ever.


Through creative experimentation and only the finest selection of ingredients, we’re proud to offer what we believe to be the best dumplings around. We’ve worked hard to redefine the reputation for Chinese cuisine, with our modern, relaxing atmosphere and progressive menu offerings. Good food should be an experience, complete with inviting interior décor as well as an equally welcoming and friendly staff, ready to serve your every request.


We’ve tasted hundreds of recipes on our journey to find the perfect dumpling, and we hope you’ll join us as you sit back, relax, and enjoy the result.

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