rainbow dumplings综合

Our most popular dumpling sampler includes one of each flavor: cabbage, chives, veggie, chicken & shrimp.

dan dan noodle 担担面

Thin noodles topped with ground pork & cucumber, flavored with a blend of peanut, sesame paste & chili oil for a spicy punch of flavor.

piggy bao 猪肚包

A fluffy bun stuffed with pork belly &  drizzled with spicy mayo & garnished with fresh cilantro and crushed peanut.



A Taste

We invite you to taste our wide variety of fares, including our famous rainbow dumplings and all of our baos. Our flavors pay homage to authentic Chinese recipes and flavors, using only the freshest of ingredients. All of our dishes are perfect for family-style sharing, which means you don't have to pick just one thing (and you shouldn't have to).