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The Menu


chili wontons 紅油抄手

steamy piggy ramen 蒸蒸猪拉面

piggy bao 猪肚包

Pork & shrimp wontons in a top-secret housemade mild-spicy chili-based sauce. The perfect blend of sweet and spicy — so good you'll be tempted to drink the sauce (we can't make this up).

A street favorite in Taiwan, this fluffy bun is stuffed with fatty, sweet red-braised pork belly,  drizzled with spicy mayo, complemented with slaw & garnished with fresh cilantro.

Housemade tonkotsu broth boiled for 12+ hours to bring out a rich, creamy aroma. Served with noodles, flame-torched melt-in-your-mouth chashu pork, fragrant housemade black garlic oil, seaweed & an ajitama egg.



A Taste

We invite you to taste our wide variety of fares, including recipes and classics from China, Korea and Japan. Our flavors pay homage to authentic Chinese recipes and flavors, using only the freshest of ingredients. All of our dishes are perfect for family-style sharing, which means you don't have to pick just one thing (and you shouldn't have to).

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